As the father of three grown children and a small business owner since 1992, I understand the importance of wellness for my family and for my employees. I know how challenging it can be to create healthy home and work environments in which people, not germs, can flourish.

I believe that common sense and good hygiene are critical to meeting this challenge. Not just good personal hygiene, but good surface hygiene as well.

When I came across the patented technology behind Shield It All™, I felt like I had struck gold. I knew then that this technology was critical to creating and promoting good surface hygiene because it was easy for busy families and harried workers to use. I knew that this solution was unique because it was safe for people and for the environment; unlike so many other cleaning products that contain harsh chemicals. I knew this solution would allow me to do my part to help people keep their homes and offices cleaner and safer, longer.

So it is with great pleasure that I bring you Shield It All™ Toy Cleaner and Shield It All™ Workstation Wipes. Use them in good health!

Terry McTigue




Just wipe your desk, keyboard, and phone once a week to inhibit the growth of microbes.


Just spray and wipe your child’s toys for protection that keeps working even after you’ve cleaned.

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*US Patent number 6994890; international patents pending